First Class BA Hons Fine and Applied Art, University of Ulster, 2007

Post Graduate Studies in Art Room Methodology, Bath Spa University, 2014

Solo Exhibitions
2014  Parallel Play, Project Space, GT Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
2013  Catalyst Campsite, Catalyst Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
2011  Attic Sandcastles, PS2, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Kartonowe Miasto, No Women No Art Festival, Poznan, Poland.
2010  Everything Must Go, Exchange Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.

Selected Solo Performances
2013  Belfast International Festival of Performance Art, curated by Brian Connolly, University of Ulster, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Spume, Pollen, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
2012  S.E.A.S. (Site Exploratory Arts, Skagaströnd), Nes, Skagaströnd, Iceland.
2011  On-site Off-site, Stroud Visual Arts, Stroud, England.
2010  You can be a Diamond, Bytown Museum, Ottawa, Canada.
Public Park: Parc Public, intervention in the Markets around Ottawa, Galerie SAW, Ottawa, Canada.
Who Moved My Cheese? OBG, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
2009  10th OPEN Art International Performance Festival, OPEN Art, Beijing, China.
2008  I AM, Polish Performance Art Exchange, Bbeyond, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
2007  Scratch, curated by Helen Steele, CHQ Building IFSC, Dublin, Ireland.
Catflaps, Cardiff Art in Time Festival curated by André Stitt, Cardiff, Wales.

Selected Collaborative Performances
2014   Re-Gift Amnesty, interaction with Johanna Leech, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Household Festival, Bbeyond group action, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Concurrent, group action, Pollen, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Labour, Gang O’Gals group action, Derry City Council, Derry, Northern Ireland.
SCRABB, durational group action as Six Belfast Based Artists, National Review of Live Art, Glasgow, Scotland.
Big Jam, action with Dublin Performance Collective, Catalyst Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
FIX07, Bbeyond group action with special guest Jacques von Poppel, Catalyst Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Bringing Back the Warmth, Catalyst Arts, FIX 07, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Approach, simultaneous public performances with Boris Nieslony & Bbeyond Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Selected Group Exhibitions
2015    November Complex, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Museum for an Imagined City, SOIL Gallery, Seattle, USA.
2014    24, Project Space, GT Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
ACNI Collection, Higher Bridges Gallery, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland.
Rehearsal Rooms,
PS2, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
2013   Hidden in Plain Sight,
SCOPE, New York, USA.
16th & Minnesota, Project Space,
GT Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Precious Cargo,
selected works from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland collection, The London Street Gallery, Derry, N. Ireland.
the Glue Factory, Glasgow, Scotland.
ARCH Development & Honfleur Gallery, DC, USA.
The Nothingness of Personality,
Pollen, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
2011   Oh!
Sím Centre of Icelandic Art, Reykjavík, Iceland.
Sterile Environment,
Catalyst Arts & PLACE, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
The Station Project, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
2010  Cardboard Cities,
adventure playground collaboration with Caragh O’Donnell, the Children’s Festival, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
curated by Ciara Hickey, the Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
By Appointment
curated by David Gryn, ICA, London.
2009  Glisten,
GT Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
City-Supplements, an alternative urban survey,
PS2, Belfast, Northern Ireland. [catalogue]
Sapphire Highway,
The Lab, Dublin, Ireland. [catalogue]
2008 Plunder,
collaboration with Ben Craig, Catalyst Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Touring Exhibitions
2011   Multiples, unconventional souvenirs project commissioned by the British Council & the Arts Council of Northern Ireland curated by Catalyst Arts. Exhibited in Dublin Contemporary, Influx Alternative Art Fair, GT Gallery and PS2. [catalogue]
2010 Alumni: Maestros y Discípulos, touring performance and education festival cuated by Alexander Del Re, Concepción, Chile & the Instituto Escuela National de Bellas Artes, Montevideo, Uruguay. 2010

Awards & Residencies
2015   Go and See Venice Bursary, A-N
2013   Digital Arts Residency, DAS (Northern Ireland)
ADAI, Arts and Disability Ireland Award.
2012   Arts Council of Northern Ireland ACES Award
Washington DC Residency awarded by ACNI and ARCH (USA)
Nes Residency (Iceland)
2011   MPRA International Residency (Poland) [catalogue]
SÍM Reykjavík Residency (Iceland)
Arts Council of Northern Ireland Self Arranged Residency Award
Arts Council of Northern Ireland Travel Award
2010  Crossings Performance Art Residency & Exchange, funded by Culture Ireland and Canada Council for the Arts
Exchange Dublin Residency (Ireland) [catalogue]
Arts Council of Northern Ireland Travel Award
2009  Young Curators Award, the British Council & Arts Council of Northern Ireland
British Council Travel Grant
Arts Council of Northern Ireland Supporting the Individual Artist Award
2008  Sapphire Highway Residency awarded by the Good Hatchery and Offaly County Council (Ireland) [catalogue]
Networking Artists Networks Research & Travel Bursary (New York)
2007  ARES International Performance Art Residency Exchange, Northern Ireland & Transylvanian Region, Catalyst Arts
SPART Action Group Centre of Suburban Research Residency (Northern Ireland) [catalogue]
Dean’s Prize awarded by the University of Ulster for the highest First Class Honours in 2007

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Public Collections
The Arts Council of Northern Ireland
The Honfleur Gallery